Bighorn River Tricos

This video footage was taken during the trico mayfly spinner fall in August of 2016. Tricorythodes are a species of mayfly that hatch in great numbers during late summer and fall on the Bighorn River. These tiny insects bring pods of fish to the surface and the dry fly fishing can be spectacular. But you… Read more

Adult Nymphing

This story was written by world-famous fly fishing guide, Kip Dean It was a hot, early evening, in mid-August. I had just pulled into my driveway and was commencing on settling in for the night. I had put my guide affairs such as my cooler and fly boxes, etc. in order and was looking forward… Read more

Goodest of the Good: Fly Fishing Products 2016

Since Field & Stream already has the “Best of the Best” awards. I’ll have to settle for “Goodest of the Good.” Okay, these may not be the absolute goodest, but these are products I highly recommend. Patagonia Waders I have to admit to having a love/hate relationship with Patagonia. I love the Patagonia company. They’ve… Read more


I remember the morning like it was yesterday. Actually, it was yesterday. I had hiked down from 3-Mile Access early in the morning because the evening before I had left my fishing vest on the grassy bluff at the bottom end of the Snag Hole. “What an idiot,” I thought to myself. It’s probably gone.… Read more

Dressing for Winter Fly Fishing Success

… “Mark wanted desperately to climb the Eiger, while I wanted desperately to have climbed the Eiger” ~ Jon Krakauer ~ Winter fly fishing in Montana is a recreational pursuit filled with beauty and solitude, a time when the angler can unfurl the wings of his soul and enjoy the untrammeled splendor of nature. Okay,… Read more