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The River

At the Bighorn Trout Shop, we know all great fishing adventures begin with the most important ingredient of all—a great river.

So, why not choose to enjoy what many say is the finest trout stream in the continental United States. Numerous articles have appeared in fishing magazines across the country and around the world lauding the Bighorn’s outstanding trout fishing.

The Bighorn River flows through the prairie of eastern Montana, and in its cool, clear depths reside an astounding number of wild brown and rainbow trout. No stocked fish here—these fish are born and bred in the river’s cool depths.

The Bighorn River is diverse in character. Some of the river resembles a giant spring creek. The water is alkaline and aquatic vegetation is plentiful. Other sections of the river mirror a typical freestone river, with faster water and a classic riffle-and-pool environment.

Overall, the river’s varied habitat, easy wading, and friendly character, provides opportunities for the novice and advanced angler alike. Whether it’s that big brown sipping Baetis spinners on the flats, or a rainbow working nymphs in a riffle, the Bighorn River is the place for you. Anglers are amazed at the size and willingness of our trout, and the fertility of the river is known far and wide. Aquatic insects and crustaceans are abundant. The Bighorn is literally a food factory.

We float the section of river below Yellowtail Dam—over 30 miles of world-class trout water. Since the river flows through the Crow Indian Reservation, wade fishing is limited and float fishing is the best way to access the most productive water.