Interview With a Brown Trout

Sharper Image recently came out with their new Bluetooth Sonar Trout Translator, an ingenious device that consists of an earpiece and microphone worn by the human, and a probe that is dropped into the water to communicate with trout. Come to find out, trout are highly communicative little critters, and I had the opportunity to… Read more

High Water Ramblings

Most of you know that the Bighorn River has experienced record water flows this spring. We reached a high of 14,000 cfs back in May —we’re at 9,500 now —but we’re almost to the point where the river can finally be drawn down and life can return to normal. Of course, as it regards Montana… Read more

“Exciting” Fly Fishing

One morning in the fly shop I noticed a 19 year old “flat brimmer” sitting in a chair near the coffee maker. His buddies were chattering and joking as they purchased their flies and leaders, but this guy looked bored. So I struck up a conversation with him. Come to find out, this guy was… Read more

Bighorn River Tricos

This video footage was taken during the trico mayfly spinner fall in August of 2016. Tricorythodes are a species of mayfly that hatch in great numbers during late summer and fall on the Bighorn River. These tiny insects bring pods of fish to the surface and the dry fly fishing can be spectacular. But you… Read more

Adult Nymphing

This story was written by world-famous fly fishing guide, Kip Dean It was a hot, early evening, in mid-August. I had just pulled into my driveway and was commencing on settling in for the night. I had put my guide affairs such as my cooler and fly boxes, etc. in order and was looking forward… Read more