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Bighorn River Fishing Report

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Water flows are at 2,200 cfs. Water clarity looks pretty good and aquatic grass is slowly becoming less of a problem. Fishing has been fair to good on nymphs. We’re catching fish on scuds, sowbugs and San Juan Worms. The best fishing has been midday and early afternoon. There are a few fall Baetis hanging around, but not many fish feeding on the surface. Some good streamer action if you can cover the water efficiently. Sink tip lines are recommended. A variety of streamer patterns will work, but smaller, darker patterns often produce the most fish–for example: Black leeches and Thin Mint Buggers. The big, articulated stuff can work well too, but mostly on cloudy days.

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a few fall Baetis

One-Week Forecast


River Flows

2,200 cfs
USGS Current Conditions

Water Temperature

51 degrees

Hot Fly Patterns


#8 San Juan Worm (burgundy or two-tone); #8 Squirmy Worm; #16 Orange Scud; #14, #16 Soft Hackle Sowbug,; #14,#16 Ray Charles (grey or tan), #14,#16 Two-Tone Scud

Dry Flies

#20 Baetis CDC Sparkle Dun


#6 Grinch, #6 Black Leech; #6 Thin Mint Wooley Bugger (Hale's favorite); #4 Dirty Hippie (cream), #10 Squirrel Leech (black); #4 Meat Whistle (brown)