Month: June 2011

Bighorn River Update: June 29, 2011

The water is coming down, WAY down compared to what we’ve been experiencing. Check out the following email excerpt from Steve Davies of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Montana Area Office:

Bighorn River Fishing Update: 6/23/11

So the water flows have been reduced. We’re not sure why, since it was 90 degrees today, the snow is melting fast, and the lake is pretty much full. But we’re not arguing with this decision. Maybe it’s kind of like the U.S. economy. We can spend a lot more than we take in indefinitely,… Read more

Water Flows Coming Down

Well, I don’t think we can fire the gun off and declare that the historic spring runoff of 2011 is over, but water flows are being reduced. Tomorrow morning we will see a reduction of 1,000 cfs, dropping flows from 15,500 cfs to 14,500 cfs. This is welcome news, and it will be good to… Read more

Bighorn Trout Shop Guide Cam #2

Just another peak at a few minutes of BTS guided float trip action. First time Bighorn River anglers, Brian and Jenn, enjoy some great fly fishing with expert guide, Dave Palmer (aka “the Palminator”). Nymph fishing continues to be excellent from the boat, and certain wade areas are very good as well. The “brown worm”… Read more

Bighorn River Update: Local News & Fishing Report

Yesterday, an area guide who will remain nameless because he’s a friend of mine (although that doesn’t prevent me from reporting the incident in the name of freedom of information even though it could have happened to anyone, but since it didn’t happen to me and nobody was hurt, I find great satisfaction in reporting… Read more