Bighorn River Fishing Update: 6/23/11

So the water flows have been reduced. We’re not sure why, since it was 90 degrees today, the snow is melting fast, and the lake is pretty much full. But we’re not arguing with this decision. Maybe it’s kind of like the U.S. economy. We can spend a lot more than we take in indefinitely, but no worries. It will all work out in the end.

At least the fish are happy. Not that I’ve talked to any recently, but they’re in great shape and seem to be in a good mood when I release them. I think the aquatic worm “flush” is over and the trout are starting to key more on sowbugs. That’s not to say worms aren’t still working, but the frenzy has subsided. No more puking fish, which is nice if you’ve ever had to clean worm goo off of your wading shoes. It won’t be long and we’ll be throwing PMD nymphs and other conventional patterns. The side channels are full of fish.

Anglers are catching fish clear down to Mallard’s Access. Don’t tell some of my friends that you heard this from me. They want to keep you off this lower section so they can have it all to themselves. Of course, I might just be trying to get you off of the upper river so I can have that to myself.

Work is progressing at 3-Mile Access, and should be completed soon. Afterbay Access is next.