Water Flows Coming Down

Well, I don’t think we can fire the gun off and declare that the historic spring runoff of 2011 is over, but water flows are being reduced. Tomorrow morning we will see a reduction of 1,000 cfs, dropping flows from 15,500 cfs to 14,500 cfs. This is welcome news, and it will be good to fish the Bighorn during low water again (ha,ha).

Fishing has continued to be excellent from Afterbay to Mallard’s Access. I think we have the most productive fishing in the state right now. Don’t be afraid to fish some of the side channels, as most of them are packed with fish. We’ve been seeing a few PMDs sputtering off, and even the occasional Yellow Sally. When July roles around, there will be fish up on them in selected areas. Water temperatures are in the 55 degree range, and the fish are very active.