Month: July 2011

Bighorn River Fishing Report: 10,000 cfs

The guides are readying for war. In the foreground, we have Kurt Olson’s station wagon. What a beauty, but hard to find parts. To the left we see Merritt Harris standing next to his signature “brown trout mothership.” Mark Gervase’s new Hyde is beyond Merritt. David Dill’s rig is behind Kurt. Kip Dean’s Subaru and… Read more

BTS Guide Cam#3

This is one minute of nymph fishing action on the upper 3 Miles of the Bighorn River. This little hole is at the “Split Island” and the water level is 14,000 cfs. Steve Hilbers is the angler (Land those fish, Steve!), and guide, Doug White, is ready with the net. Footage is from late June.… Read more

PMDs, Sallies, and Trout Lips

Sorry, you probably wanted a picture of a big trout or PMDs marching downstream. I could post one, but I couldn’t resist this scenery shot. The Crow Indian Reservation is a beautiful part of the world, especially when we’ve had enough moisture to keep the countryside green. You’d better look quickly, though. Summer temperatures in… Read more

Veni, Vidi, Vici Trutta Magna

Just in case your Latin is rusty, the translation of this Bighorn Trout Shop t-shirt is “I came, I saw, I conquered large trout.” It’s on the back of the shirt along with our logo. And this sums up the experience of many anglers of late. Fishing has been outstanding. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re… Read more