Bighorn Trout Shop Guide Cam #1

Just recently Bighorn Trout Shop purchased the GoPro HD Naked video camera. You may have seen these advertised. Snowboarders, surfers, water skiers and all manner of outdoor sport enthusiasts strap them to their helmets, chests, motorcycles, etc. to film their exploits. This camera is very small, has a super wide-angle lens, and comes in a waterproof housing. Presently, we’re referring to this camera as the “Guide Cam.” Now and then we’ll post short videos of fishing action with the BTS guides. We’re still learning how to operate the camera, and there’s somewhat of a learning curve with the extreme wide-angle lens, so bear with us.

This video was filmed by one of our veteran guides, Dave Palmer. Dave is not only one of the best guides on the river, he is also BTS’s Executive Technical Support Director of Web Development and Advanced Systems Architecture for Infrastructure Network Engineering and Security and Wireless Datacommunications. (In lieu of paying Dave more, I decided to give him an impressive title.)

Footage (see below) shows Dave guiding his clients into a double hookup of 18” plus rainbows on June 9th. Water level at 15,000 cfs.