Bighorn River Update: June 10, 2011

A Beautiful Spring Day on the Bighorn

Fishing has really turned on in the last few days. This is due in part to the cloudy weather, and the fact that the water flow has been constant for over a week. Flows are still at 15,000 cfs, but the fish seemed to have found their holding water and the water clarity is better. Anglers are reporting lots of fish in the 16” to 18” range, with some 20” class fish mixed in there. Water temperatures have been coming up and the fish are active.

We’re starting to see a number of tan caddis fluttering around, and a few fish slashing at them in selected areas. I wouldn’t get real excited about this yet, but you can probably catch a few fish on dries if you’re patient. I also saw a couple of Yellow Sallies in the air yesterday (6/9). High water tends to elevate water temperatures earlier than usual, so we can expect the hatch schedule to be bumped up as a result: PMDs in early July, black caddis in late July and early August, tricos in August, etc.

There are rumors that they may need to increase flows yet again, but nothing official on that. We’ll keep you posted.