Month: May 2010

Living on Tungsten Time

About a month ago, the Bureau of Reclamation was betting heavily that this was going to be another low-water year. Snow pack surveys supported this theory, although it didn’t explain why the Bureau insisted on maintaining record-high lake levels throughout the month of April. It is common for this river drainage to receive abundant moisture… Read more

Bighorn River Fly Rod Chronicles

Fly rod selection is an interesting science, or maybe “science” is too logical a word. So what constitutes the ideal Bighorn River fly rod? It all depends. Almost everybody knows that fly rods have different line weight designations. Line weights 4, 5, 6 & 7 are most applicable for this river. I often tell customers… Read more

To Spey or not to Spey

In the last ten years, most of you serious fly fisherman have probably noticed that Spey casting has become a big deal. Most Spey casting is done with two-handed rods. These rods are generally 12 to 15 feet in length and they have an extended cork grip which allows the angler to use both hands… Read more