Water Flows to come down soon

Our good friend, mentor, and we can only hope, future presidential candidate, Doug Haacke, informed us today that Bighorn River water flows will probably be coming down soon. In a conference call with the Bureau of Reclamation, indications were that releases would probably be decreased 2,000 cfs later this week. And if inflows continue to subside at the current pace, next week may see an additional 2,000 cfs decrease. This is very good news for area guides, anglers, and pretty much everyone except whitewater kayakers and other extreme water sport enthusiasts. We expect the reduced flows to bring water temperatures down a degree or two, and to rev the dry fly fishing back up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the PMD hatch increase in intensity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see trout feeding voraciously on Yellow Sallies, black caddis, and grasshoppers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos won the Super Bowl this year. Please celebrate with me and go out in the street and discharge your firearm in a safe, responsible manner.

Okay, so I got a little carried away.