October Tricos and New Gear

The trico hatch is still happening. In fact, the bugs are still going strong, so if you want to enjoy some world-class dry fly fishing, get over here. From 7:00 AM until noon you will find lots of fish up. The trico hatch is better than it’s been in years. This could be due to the fact that the aquatic grass is better, or maybe I should say worse, than it’s been in years. Trico nymphs like aquatic vegetation. Trout like aquatic vegetation. Anglers? Not so much. By the way, I’m going to predict that we will have a fishable trico hatch throughout the month of October. Water temps and conditions have been favorable, so I don’t see them ending anytime soon. They’ll probably start to taper in mid-October. Keep in mind, I’m not a real entomologist, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last week.

The fly fishing tackle reps have been making their calls of late, and I’ve had the opportunity of seeing some of the new gear for 2016. By the way, “rep” is not short for “reptile” as many believe—it actually stands for “representative.”
Here are several observations regarding some of the more exciting products I’ve seen.

Sage Mod Rod
: No I’m not trying to be cute. Mod is the name, and it refers to the rod’s moderate action. This should prove to be a good all-around stick for the Bighorn, especially for the dry fly fisherman. Utilizes Konnetic Technology. I’ll explain that some other time, preferably at a time when I know what it means. The Mod retails for $850.00.

Sage Pulse Rod: The Pulse is a fantastic fly rod, plus it retails for $450.00. Utilizing Graphite IIIE Techology (think Sage XP), this rod casts beautifully.

Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet & Leaders
: Rio claims that this stuff is up to 20% stronger than regular tippet. To use their words: “A highly technical formulation of the nylon copolymer manufacturing process has resulted in this prodigious strength increase, without compromising knot strength or suppleness. Simply put, this is the strongest, most reliable tippet ever made.” Retails for $9.95 a spool, BUT you get 50 yards of tippet. This will be a huge seller.

Hardy Zephrus FWS Rod: The Zephrus utilizes Sintrix Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that incorporates silica nano resin (made by 3M) and high-modulus graphite. Hardy engineers seem to have the magic formula as it regards how to implement this high-tech resin. The Zephrus utilizes the “next generation” of Sintrix Technology. The Zenith was an outstanding rod, and the Zephrus is even better. Cast this rod and you will be impressed. Light and powerful, it casts a beautiful loop.

Hardy Wraith: All of the above, but a faster action. Generates amazing line speed.

Patagonia Waders: Wow! Patagonia has done their homework and finally come out with a wader lineup that will really shake up the industry … in a good way. They finally got their sizing right too. I’m currently using my old pair of size Medium Long, Rio Gallegos for a backpacking tent. I originally tried to wear them for fishing, but the foot size would only accommodate a circus midget. But that’s all forgiven now, or at least will be when the new waders start to ship in December.

Hatch Nippers: Hatch Outdoors, manufacturer of the Finatic fly reel and other innovative products, has jumped into the high-end nipper market. Who knew there were so many people willing to pay $100.00 for a device that clips your tippet? Okay, to be fair, this nipper has tungsten carbide cutters and they clip your tippet really well, especially the saltwater sizes, plus it’s an ultra-high quality, precision instrument that comes with an adjustable paracord lanyard. It also has Type 2 anodization and comes in several sexy colors.