Month: May 2012

Fly Fishing Gear that works

Here are a few fly fishing products that our staff likes especially well. This gear has been extensively tested and approved by fly fishing professionals, or at least the folks here at the shop.

Bighorn River Baetis Action Video

Georgia anglers, Mike Lee and Jim Schorn, put the hurt on them during a Baetis hatch in mid-May. Dave Palmer is the guide and videographer. The cloudy weather was conducive to lots of insects and the fish were willing. CDC Baetis Duns and the Student (still-born Baetis) flies have been very effective. The Baetis hatch… Read more

Bighorn River Fishing Report: May 11, 2012

There isn’t a lot of snowpack in our drainage, so expect low flows throughout the summer. That’s what the Bureau of Reclamation is forecasting. Of course, I’ve seen huge storms in May and June turn things around in a hurry, so we’ll see what happens. Currently, I’d sum things up by saying, “If you’re good,… Read more

Guide Scuttlebutt

Editor’s Note: I receive a lot of guide information here in the fly shop, and have shared some of it below. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent (Although I don’t know who that might be), and initials substituted. I lack the ambition and integrity to actually do fact checking concerning this information, so… Read more