Month: May 2013

A Word About Waders

If you’ve been fly fishing for many years, you’ve witnessed the evolution of chest waders. Back in the old days—by “old days” I’m referring to the 1960s and early 70s—most people wore boot foot waders made out of vulcanized rubber. You would think waders made by Vulcans would have showcased advanced extraterrestrial technology, but these… Read more

Bighorn River 2013 Video

Pete Carney and friends have been getting together for years and years at various fishing destinations. The Bighorn is one of their favorite places and they usually stay at the Bighorn Trout Shop. This video showcases some of the great fishing they enjoyed during their trip in early May. Water level at 1,850 cfs, water… Read more

Bighorn River Baetis

It’s that time of year. Blue Wing Olive mayflies are hatching and anglers are enjoying some great dry fly fishing. Large numbers of Bighorn River trout utilize these insects throughout the spring and fall as a major food source. But cracking the Baetis code can be challenging at times. It’s important to understand some of… Read more