Month: June 2012

The Palminator Fishing Video

David Palmer, aka “the Palminator,” showcases his world-class fishing skills in this exciting video. In the post-production process, David chose to insert instructional comments for the benefit of humanity. Watch and learn. Filmed in early June, 2012 by Hale Harris.

The Ultimate Bighorn River Nymph Fishing Rod

The world is full of good fly rods, so selecting the best is always a challenge. But keep in mind that I’m the co-owner of a multi-hundred dollar business in the northern Rockies and I’m an experienced retailer. I’m also a professional fishing guide, so what I don’t know about a subject, I’ll make up.… Read more

Hale’s Day on the Bighorn Video

The first two weeks of June have provided great fishing here on the Bighorn River. Baetis mayflies and midges are still hanging around, and there is dry fly fishing in the afternoon. In this video, Hale Harris takes fish on Baetis nymphs and Baetis dry flies. Water is clear and cold, and we don’t foresee… Read more

June on the Horn: 6.5.2012

Just spent a couple of days on the river. Clear, cold water, lots of moss, and lots of fish. Pretty much sums it up. Many anglers are concentrating on the upper three miles of river because there is less drifting moss. Great fishing up there, but somewhat crowded. There are very few folks on the… Read more

Bighorn River Fishing Report and Tungsten Tutorial: June 1, 2012

It appears the Baetis hatch is waning somewhat. We’ve had a couple of cloudy days recently and insect numbers are falling off. That being said, there are still dry fly opportunities throughout the day. If you look around, you’ll find fish eating midges in the morning—use a #20 Sipper Midge—and trout are still tuned into… Read more