Month: April 2012

Bighorn River Easter Dry Fly Fishing

This video showcases dry fly action on the lower Bighorn River section, from Bighorn Access to Mallard’s Access. Despite the bright, sunny conditions, fish were in a feeding frenzy during this Easter Sunday midge emergence. Clip contains rare footage of legendary fly angler, beer connoisseur and world-class fund raiser, Dave “Swede” Johnson, plying his dry… Read more

Spring Mix: Bighorn River Fly Selection

While many western rivers are high and off-color due to spring runoff, Bighorn River anglers can enjoy outstanding spring fishing. Our tail-water river is almost always clear and fishable. Throughout April, May and June our trout are greedily feeding on midges and Baetis mayflies. Sowbugs are also a standby. The fly selection pictured below constitutes… Read more