Month: September 2011

Guide Day Video

Dave Palmer is the Bighorn Trout Shop’s Executive Technical Support Director of Web Development and Advanced Systems Architecture for Infrastructure Network Engineering and Security and Wireless Data Communications. He is also a fishing guide. Recently, he made this soon-to-be-award-winning film entitled “Guide Day” which chronicles highlights of a typical day as experienced by a BTS… Read more

State of the River Address: 9/15/11

Well, it’s early fall and conditions are what we often experience this time of year: slightly off-color water, aquatic grass in the slower holes, and rising fish. The river is in better shape for mid-September than it has been the last two years. Overall, the fishing is good. The nymph fishing has been quite productive… Read more

Hopper Fishing with the Trout Whisperer

T. Chambers, aka the “Trout Whisperer” of the Midwest and “Lightning Wrist,” puts on a hopper fishing clinic one afternoon on the Bighorn River. Hale Harris was the guide and camera man. Mr. Chambers took a large number of fish out of this side channel. Conditions were perfect for hopper action — hot and breezy… Read more