Month: August 2011

A Fisherman’s River (video included)

Some of you may know that during high-water years, Bighorn River water temperatures rise more quickly than during lower-water years. The layer of very cold water on the bottom of the lake is flushed through the system earlier in the year. As water temperatures climb, the insect hatch schedule is moved forward—we may have black… Read more

Bighorn Trout Shop Net Cam

David Palmer, BTS super guide and videographer, mounted his GoPro Hero camera onto his landing net. The resulting footage gives you a close-up view of Bighorn River fly fishing action. Early August 2011.

Streamer Fishing the Horn

Many anglers are aware that streamer fishing on the Bighorn River can be very exciting. When you have a river with thousands of brown and rainbow trout in the 13 to 20 inch category, there are going to be times when these fish are looking for a meal more substantial than a trico spinner. Here… Read more

Bighorn River Early Morning Dry Flies

Bill & Matt Walters enjoy some early-morning dry fly action on the Bighorn River in Montana. The “Meat Hole” is once again the scene of the action.

Memories of High Water

“Memories Light the corners of my mind Misty watercolor memories Of the high water of 2012” (okay, so I’m not a songwriter)