Month: April 2010

Bighorn River: Are You Ready?

Unless something changes, the 2010 fishing season on the Bighorn River will turn out to be a dry fly year to remember. Low water, an abundance of fish, prolific hatches, and even a forecasted grasshopper plague, are just some of the reasons I make this statement. But to take full advantage of this special year,… Read more

Three Days in Spring

I’ve been guiding the last three days and thought you’d appreciate a more detailed fishing report. First of all, the fishing is good, as it almost always is this time of the year. Trout are feeding heavily on midges for the most part, and to a lesser extent on Baetis and sowbugs. I’ve pumped the… Read more

The Student

In my last blog, I mentioned that the “Student” has been one of the most productive dry flies. Several of you have inquired about tying instructions. So here goes: Hook: TMC #101 or Dai Riki #310. These are ring eye hooks, but standard down eye hooks (like in the photo) can be used as well.

An Evening to Remember

I worked at the shop until 3:00 PM today and I finally decided the weather was just too perfect too ignore. It was cloudy with barely a breath of wind. I rowed the boat across the river at 3-Mile Access. This is something my partner Steve and I do fairly often. It saves a shuttle,… Read more