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Bighorn River Fishing Report

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Well, the Tricos have made a reappearance and are providing good dry fly fishing. These are the bigger Tricos (sz. 20). The duns come off at daybreak and the spinners start to fall around 8:30 AM. Water flows are slightly above 4,000 cfs which is an excellent flow for late in the season. Nymph fishing has been fair to good on scuds, sowbugs, San Juan Worms, and caddis pupa. Fish can be taken on Tung Teaser or caddis pupa patterns throughout the day. They're probably eating the Tung Teaser as a drowned trico spinner. Anglers need to concentrate on the faster water because of the growth of aquatic grass. Still a few fish eating hoppers. Some Pale Olive Baetis (sz. 22) in the afternoon.

Streamer fishing has been steady but you'll need to know how to slap grass.

Catch of the Week:
One-Week Forecast:
Fair nymph fishing. Some dry fly fishing on Tricos and Pale Olive Baetis.
Two-Week Forecast:
Hatch Info:
Tricos. Pale Olive Baetis.
Hot Fly Patterns:
Nymphs:#18 Tung Teaser; #16,#18 Olive Flash-Back Pheasant Tail; #16 Bead Head Olive Flash-Back Pheasant Tail; #14,#16, #18 Grey Ray Charles, #8 Atomic Worm; ; #16,#18 Soft Hackle Sowbug, #8 S.J. Worm (Burgundy, red); #6 Atomic Worm (floss); #16 Pink Soft Hackle;
Dry Flies

#22 Student (Pale Olive);#18 CDC Black Caddis (in various styles, with or without green egg sack); #18 Black Elk Hair Caddis; #18 Hemingway Caddis; #18,#20 Black Poly Caddis; #20 Caddis Pupil (Frank Johnson pattern); #22 Rusty Spinner; #16 Downey Dun PMD; #16 Lt. Orange Para PMD
#6 Thin Mint Wooley Bugger (Hale's favorite); #4,6 Bighorn Wooley Bugger (brown & yellow); #4 Brown Wooley Bugger; #4 Olive Zonker (silver body/grey rabbit)

River Flows:
4,100 cfs.
Water Temperature:
60 degrees at 3-Mile.
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