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Bighorn River Fishing Report

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Water flows are at 9,000 cfs and water temperature is near 60 degrees. Fishing is just fair on nymphs due to drifting algae and water clarity. Fish are eating sowbugs, caddis pupa, aquatic worms, scuds, and Baetis nymphs. More wade fishing spots are opening up every day as the water comes down. Streamer fishing has been great some days, and good almost every day if you can get it done. Emerald shiners have been washing in from Bighorn Lake (overflow spillway) and the fish are looking for baitfish. If you fish in the evening until dark, you can find some decent black caddis fishing on the upper river. This will continue to improve. The lower river below Bighorn Access is fishable and productive, but tough in the afternoon.

Weather Report

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Hatch Info

Black caddis on afternoons and evenings. A few PMDs and Yellow Sallies.

One-Week Forecast


River Flows

9,000 cfs.
USGS Current Conditions

Water Temperature

60 degrees at 3-Mile.

Hot Fly Patterns


#14,#16 Ray Charles (grey or tan), #18 Black Caddis Pupa; #16,#18 Olive Flashback Pheasant Tail; #12,#14, #16 Orange Scud; #14 Pink Scud, #14 Two Tone Scud; #18 Tung Teaser: #18 Quill Nymph; #8 San Juan Worm (various colors)

Dry Flies

#20, 22 CDC Baetis Sparkle Dun (light olive); #20 Student; #18 CDC Black Caddis; #18 Hemingway Caddis


#6 Emerald Shiner; #4,#6 White or Cream Wooley Bugger; #8 Black Squirrel Leech; #4 Dirty Hippy (brown); #6 Thin Mint Wooley Bugger (Hale's favorite); #4 Grey Zonker; #4,6 Bighorn Wooley Bugger (brown & yellow)