Dressing for Winter Fly Fishing Success

… “Mark wanted desperately to climb the Eiger, while I wanted desperately to have climbed the Eiger” ~ Jon Krakauer ~ Winter fly fishing in Montana is a recreational pursuit filled with beauty and solitude, a time when the angler can unfurl the wings of his soul and enjoy the untrammeled splendor of nature. Okay,… Read more

Late Fall

I hear people complain about the fishing pressure now and then, and this is understandable. The Bighorn is a popular destination. Sometimes you have to outsmart both the fish and the folks to be successful. This can be difficult if you’re new to the river or struggled in middle school. However, if you want to… Read more

October Tricos and New Gear

The trico hatch is still happening. In fact, the bugs are still going strong, so if you want to enjoy some world-class dry fly fishing, get over here. From 7:00 AM until noon you will find lots of fish up. The trico hatch is better than it’s been in years. This could be due to… Read more


I like September. Soon we’ll enjoy cold, crisp mornings and fog on the river. The leaves on the cottonwoods will start to turn. I enjoy the trico hatch, which brings large pods of Bighorn trout to the surface. I also look forward to fall streamer fishing. Usually that is an October/November deal, but I can… Read more

Bighorn River Fishing Update: July 10, 2015

The river is coming down, way down from 14,000 cfs. Where it ends up, we’re not sure. I’m guessing around 3,000 cfs. Since the BuRec no longer manages the Lake or River for flood control, and the “Good Idea Fairy” is in charge up there, they might crank it down to minimum flow (2,500 or… Read more