Bighorn River & The Emerald Mile

I read an interesting book the other day. It’s called The Emerald Mile, and the author is Kevin Fedarko. The Emerald Mile is about the Colorado River, in particular the section that flows through Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon. The book discusses the history of the river, indigenous peoples, geology, dam building and environmental issues.… Read more

Dry Fly Tactics for Spring: Part Deux

By now, if you’ve taken all the advice contained in part one of “Dry Fly Tactics for Spring,” you’re an accomplished angler, admired by all of your colleagues. Or you’re broke. Some of the tackle I suggested is expensive. Let me expand a bit on fly rods. I like four and five-weight fly rods, but… Read more

Dry Fly Tactics for Spring

Many of you have probably heard that the dry fly fishing on the Bighorn River has been epic this spring. Low water, abundant insects, and hordes of hungry trout have created an ideal situation. Some people take full advantage of this convergence of favorable circumstances, while others struggle. Here are some tips to help: Casting… Read more

Fly Fishing Products I Sort of Like: 2015

Instead of a “Great Fly Fishing Products for 2015” article, I decided to tone it down a bit this year, just to keep expectations reasonable. Some of these products are new, and others are not. Okay, actually I like these products quite a bit. Abel Sealed Drag Reel This is a new model from Abel.… Read more

More Than You Want to Know About Fly Reels

Fly reels are wonderful tools. They hold your backing and fly line. They prevent big fish from taking all your backing and fly line. Some of them make a groovy sound when fish are trying to take your backing and fly line. And they allow us, fly shop owners, to sell them to you and… Read more