Fly Tying & the Bubonic Plague

Just the other day my wife told me to take a break from watching Sasquatch videos on YouTube and do something productive; therefore, I’ve decided to write a blog about fly tying. I’ve been tying flies for a long time – about 45 years. Granted, I haven’t been tying flies well during all that time,… Read more

Fly Fishing and Rock & Roll

  Judging from my conversations with anglers over the years, the overriding question burning in the minds of people everywhere is, “What are the connections between rock music and fly fishing and how significant are these connections?” Let’s explore this important issue. To begin, defining rock music is far from simple when you consider that… Read more

Thoughts on Winter Fishing

  Winter fly fishing in Montana is not for everyone. Judging by the numbers of anglers you see in February, it’s not for many people at all. But if you want a world-class trout fishery largely to yourself, don the merino wool and goose down and fish the Bighorn. The water is clear and there’s… Read more

Fly Fishing Products I Sorta Like in 2018

I’m a fly fishing gear junkie and I enjoy seeing new and innovative products that fly fishing companies create. Unfortunately, truly innovative products are few and far between, so every year I have to settle for tweaks and new paint jobs. This year is no different, but here goes a list of some of my… Read more

Interview With a Brown Trout

Sharper Image recently came out with their new Bluetooth Sonar Trout Translator, an ingenious device that consists of an earpiece and microphone worn by the human, and a probe that is dropped into the water to communicate with trout. Come to find out, trout are highly communicative little critters, and I had the opportunity to… Read more